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Hairstyles to suit Round Face Shapes

shutterstock_34972396As hairdressers, here at Coev Haircutters, it’s essential that we understand how the face shape of our customers plays a role in a stylish and flattering cut. Not only should a cut complement a face shape, it should also frame the face and accentuate your best features.

With so many different face shapes, (round, square, oval, and diamond to name a few) our stylists can suggest a suitable hairstyle to suit your face shape. You don’t need to worry about just one style fitting your face shape – there are actually quite a few! For those with round face shapes we share some flattering short, mid length and long length haircuts for you to consider below. Continue reading

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How to get the haircut you want

shutterstock_109966544Most of us have experienced a bad haircut first hand, or at least heard stories of horror haircuts. The reason for a bad haircut is often placed fully on the hairdresser, and while this can be a legitimate reason for an unflattering cut, often the reasons can be more complex.

Coev Hairdressers share some advice how to get the best haircut that you want! We know better than anyone that in the hairdressing world there can sometime be a mismatch between what the client has visualised and the finished result. Let this list be your guide to getting the hairstyle you want… Continue reading

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How to Treat Dandruff – Advice from Hairdressers

shutterstock_147963188Dandruff affects most of us from time to time. It’s not particularly pleasant but this common scalp condition is not necessarily a result of poor hygiene, despite what many people may believe. Apart from being unpleasant, dandruff often is accompanied by intense itchiness of the scalp. So what causes dandruff and what can be done to treat this very common skin condition? Coev Hairdressers share the answers in our latest blog post.

What causes dandruff?

Also known as seborrhoeic dermatitis, dandruff is condition resulting in flaking or scaling skin from the scalp and affects up to 50 per cent of the population. Around 10 per cent experience severe dandruff at different periods. While the exact cause is unknown, people who have increased oil production, are prone to eczema, and have extra production of skin yeasts are more likely to develop consistent dandruff.  The symptoms are normally worse during winter when there is less humidity in the air.

Continue reading

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8 Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

shutterstock_149888099We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ But many people don’t realise that our diet has a big impact on our overall appearance including our skin, nails and most of all – our hair. It’s worth remembering that eating well can play a role in your appearance and a good diet will support strong and vibrant hair.

So what are the foods that nutritionists have found to benefit your bangs and love your locks? Coev Hairdressers share eight of the best foods for healthy hair below.



Continue reading

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Celebrate Christmas and step out in style with some fantastic premium brands of hair care products available at COEV Hairdressers

KMS Shampoo and Conditioner Twin Packs $33.95 saving $23.95

Variants available include

  • Blonde
  • Colour
  • Volume
  • Moisture
  • Curl
  • Silksheen
  • Tame Frizz

(available while stocks last)

Redken Shampoo and Conditioner Twin Packs $33.95 Saving $11.95

Available in

  • Colour
  • All Soft
  • Diamond Oil
  • Real Control

(while stocks last)

American Crew Classic Pack

Containing either 85gm Fiber or 85gm Forming Cream

  • Power Cleanser 250ml
  • Daily Conditioner 250ml
  • Moisturising Shaving Cream 150ml

$101.80 value of product all for only $39.95

Also be sure to ask in store for the fantastic deals we have on GHD. Who wouldn’t want the gift of a good hair day (GHD) this Christmas Day?



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What Are The Best Cuts for Thin Hair?

Thin hair can be a challenge, especially those with really thin hair since it can drastically limit the amount of options and hairstyles available. But fear not – there are still options and suitable cuts available for those with thin hair and it a great cut that can work for you.

By following a few of these tips from the hair colouring and styling specialists at Coev Hairdressers, you can embrace your thinner hair type with some great cuts and step out in complete confidence and style.  Continue reading

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SAVE 25% off your cut, plus other November Specials at Coev Hair

moroccon oilHeading into the Silly Season means that our hair will be on display at a range of festive events and social outings. Why not take advantage of our  NOVEMBER SPECIALS here at Coev Hair, so you step out in style this year, all at great prices.

  • 15 percent off our MOROCCANOIL products. Including styling, hair treatment, scalp treatment and shampoo and conditioner range.
  • HUGE SAVINGS on our KMS CALIFORNIA SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER PACKS. Was 57.90, now 33.95!!! The range is available in:Blonde, Color Vitality, Add Volume, Moist Repair,  Silk Sheen, Curl Up, Tame Frizz (available while stocks last)
  • And finally 25 per cent off your wash cut and blow wave for new clients only. Must mention this post to receive discount – available until November 30.

As one of the best hairdressers in Brisbane, we look forward to seeing your for a cut, colour and style this NOVEMBER!


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GHD Hair Straighteners – Why are they so good?

GHD-Gold-Classic-StylerA quick search of product review websites and the results look good for GHD Hair Straighteners. People rave about the fact that it’s the best straightener they’ve ever used, how glossy their hair is after using it, and how many of the other brands just don’t even compare to using a GHD (stands for Good Hair Day FYI)

Many people may be wondering what all the fuss is about, and what makes people rave about their straighteners in an almost cult-like manner. As one of the premier hairdressers in Brisbane who have seen it all when it comes to good and bad and hair straighteners, we share the reasons why your hair loves GHD below. Continue reading

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A Man’s Guide to Hair Care

In the office, the bar, or even at the gym, guys are mistaken if they think people aren’t looking at their hair. If you’ve not put much thought into the hair department, fear not – changing your hairstyle or cut is one the easiest ways a guy can transform his looks. And we’d be lying if we said that looking good and making the right impressions wasn’t something that everyone – man or woman – should be concerned with.

Apart from the standard short back and sides haircut to keep you looking sharp, Coev Hairdressers offer men’s haircuts that capture style and masculinity. Guys you might be surprised about the positive benefits good grooming can have on those you want to impress (if you catch our drift.) Read on for our tips for good grooming and hair care for men. Continue reading

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Great Hair – Great Gatsby Style!

Recreate Hairstyles from the Roaring Twenties

It’s taken audiences by storm and topped the box office. Now lads and ladies are looking to recreate a touch of style from the roaring twenties in their hairstyles. It’s nice to also see men in the hairdressers chair who are more confident to request a certain style and look. Coev Hairdressers explain how you can borrow the looks of the film characters from Jay Gatsby himself for guys, and Daisy Buchanan for the dolls, er… we mean ladies. Continue reading

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