5 Amazing Tips for Styling Short Hair

5 Amazing Tips For Styling Short Hair

It’s a common misconception that there are limited options when styling short hair. Yet, no matter what short amount of length you have to play with, there is always a way to add interest and style to the shortest of cuts.

But what length of hair determines the ‘short’ status and what short styles are available to customers?

Short Hair Defined

Short hair is any style of haircut where the hair sits above the shoulders. The haircuts that are defined as short hair, and the most popular styles, are pixie cuts and bobs for ladies. If you’re looking for something a little different, COEV Hairdressers will be able to guide you on the right short hair style for you.

Choosing the right short hair style should be based on your facial structure (i.e. face shape), hair type (curly or straight), the time you are happy to invest in maintaining your style and your love of the cut itself.

Here are five amazing tips for styling short hair that you may not have considered before.

#1 Add a Fringe

Love them or hate them, a fringe can add instant chic to a short hair style. A fringe can be blunt, or side-swept if you’re not fully committed. Fringes come in and out of trend, but if you have a long forehead, the extra shape and cascade of a fringe can add a flattering frame to your face.

A side fringe can also be easily pulled back or swept behind the ears if you want to have the option of a fringe-free style.

#2 Add Volume by Lifting Hair Up

Volume can be added a number of ways to short hair. It’s important that your hairstylist shows you the right way to add volume so you don’t get a poufy, afro style – unless of course that’s your desired look.

Here are some ways to add volume to short hair:

  • Dry Hair Upside Down – This way of styling allows gravity to lift the hair from your scalp as you flip your head. This style is best done with freshly washed WET hair. Use a volumising spray to ensure the style stays in place once you place your head back up.
  • Scrunch Your Hair – From the ends to the roots, use your hands to scrunch your hair. Use a sea-salt spray to ensure added volume.
  • Tease Your Roots – Use a backcomb to tease hair from the crown, approximately 10cm down the shaft of the hair. Use a volumising spray to keep in place.
  • Use a Root Lifting Spray – Root lifting sprays are great for when you really don’t have time to backcomb. Simply spray at the roots and use your fingers to add volume from the crown of your hair.
  • Change Your Part – If you have a side part, change it to the opposite direction. The hair will naturally volumise as it is used to falling one way. Use a spray to keep in place. A side part adds definition to your style and can be straight, zigzag or diagonal. Changing the side where your part usually lies adds instant volume, but it can also change the interest of your style as well.
  • Blowdry – A blowdry can add instant volume using a round brush and a medium heat to style your hair in place. Be sure to spray a heat styling spray before you blowdry to protect your strands.
  • Use Felt Rollers – If your strands are long enough, use felt rollers for the ultimate lift. It’s best to use felt rollers when the hair is damp so the style sets. Remove the rollers right before you leave if you have thick hair or if the humidity is high as the volume created can fall out.
  • Use a Volumising Shampoo – COEV can recommend a volumising shampoo that will cleanse the hair without stripping its volume. Avoid using hair products that will flatten your style. Always read the bottle and get a recommendation from your stylist.
  • Use a Hair Iron – Hair irons can be used to straighten or curl any length of hair. It all comes down to the ‘flick’ and the diameter of the hair iron. But a hair iron is a great tool to have on hand to add extra volume to your short hair style.

#3 Layer Your Cut

The inverted layer bob is a popular style, where the lengths of hair framing the face are longer than the strands at the back. This style can work well with a side-swept fringe as well.

Adding layers to a short hair style also creates volume, with little daily maintenance.

#4 Add Colour With Foils

Foils can add highlights to your style which not only adds interest and volume; it can change the whole look of your short hair style.

Foil highlights can add colour and can be another way of hiding grey hairs – or silver strands as some like to call them. Foils are a great way of creating a more defined and personal hair style that is significant to you.

#5 Vary the Length

The length of your hair will determine how varied you can have your lengths. As mentioned above, an inverted style bob can add volume to your style. It also a simple way to add interest to a basic short haircut. Your hairdresser will be able to give advice on how to vary the lengths to get your desired look.

Having a short hair style doesn’t mean you are lumped with boring hair that you can’t do anything with. Our five amazing tips will have you feeling like you have many options to change your look, if you so choose.

Also don’t forget hair accessories can look super sweet in shorter hairstyles too, so don’t label them as only suiting long hair.

Headbands, hair clips and even floral crowns can add instant interest and flair to your short style. Just make sure they aren’t too heavy, as they will slide or fall out.

If you’re keen to get more short hair style tips or you just want a change and wish to have a shorter hair style, your hairdresser is the best person to ask for advice and will guide you to make the right choice.

COEV Hairdressers are experts at finding the right style to suit their clients and their knowledgeable stylists are happy to assist with any short hair style management questions. Contact us on (07) 3844 4766 today!

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