7 Easy Hairdos For Long Hair

7 Easy Hairdos For Long Hair

It’s taken ages to grow out and your hair is finally at a length that you’re happy with. But you’re now faced with a fair bit of upkeep, and the hassle of having to spend hours in the bathroom in the morning/before a night out/pre-important-event trying to tame a mane that’s simply not behaving. Not anymore! With a bit of practice and patience, you can create a ‘do’ that’s not only stunning, but will take you from daytime to night-time with ease – without a meltdown in sight! Here are our top 7 hairdos for long hair.

#1 – The Modern, Messy Bun

One of the easiest up-dos for long hair has to be an off-duty ballerina bun, as it can make even the messiest of ‘morning hair’ look instantly polished.

Simply brush your hair into a high ponytail and slip a headband over your hair about 3cm back from your hairline. If your hair’s a little on the greasy side (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), give it a spray at the roots with your favourite dry shampoo first.

Then twist the length of your pony into a bun, secure the whole thing with bobby pins, then add some volume with a tail comb. Run it through the crown of your head and gently wiggle it up while tugging on sections of hair at the roots. Voila!

#2 – The Mega-Volume Double Ponytail

Forget your standard ho-hum pony, with its added height and extra length, this double ponytail is anything but boring. One of the easiest styles for long hair, you simply sweep the hair above your ears into a half-up/half-down ponytail and let the hair beneath your ears hang loosely. A stiff hairbrush can help create smooth lines without any of those annoying bubble effects!

Scoop the rest of your remaining hair into a second ponytail that sits directly under the first one. Then tease away using a fine-tooth comb to create a bit of fullness. If your hair needs a bit of polishing (hello, humidity), spritz a little no-frizz spray through the length of both ponytails. Gorge!

#3 – The Reverse French-Twist Pony

Another easy (but super-stylish) hybrid of the ponytail, this long hairstyle idea combines the style of a modern chignon and is way easier to do than it sounds … promise!

Firstly, make a simple pony. A bit of a tip for those who’ve got time for some prep – work a puff of extra-firm mousse through your damp hair the night before, and braid it into two loose pigtails. This will ensure your hair isn’t too slippery or straight first up in the morning.

Finally, brush your hair back into a low ponytail just above the nape of your neck while you grasp it with one hand. Twist it into itself using both hands so that you create a fat roll down the centre of your head, then use your other hand to pin it in place with bobby pins. Pinning every 3cm or so down the curve of the roll should help it stay in place. Done.

#4 – The Knotted Low-Down Bun

If you’re a no-nonsense type of gal and prefer hairdos for long hair that don’t take up to much of your precious time, then this freestyle braided bun will be right up your alley.

Pull your hair into a low ponytail, secure it with a hair tie, then loosely braid the length of your hair securing the end with another hair tie.

Wrap the braid around the base of your ponytail as if you’re creating a bun, tuck the loose ends of your hair in and secure them with bobby pins. Keep flyaways in place with a spritz of soft-hold hairspray, and you’re good to go!

#5 – The Headband-Helping Tuck

If you’re styling long hair and after a more low-key style, this modern ‘do’ works a treat, regardless of your hair’s natural texture.

Amp up the frizz (in a good way of course) by gathering up the entire back section of your hair at the roots and tease, tease, tease with a comb until you get lots of volume. Brush your hair into a ponytail, then place a thin piece of leather or ribbon near your hairline and tie it back at the nape of your neck over the pony.

Gently tug the top of your ponytail up and away from the ribbon or leather to create an overhanging loop. A dollop of conditioning balm will help the ends look fresh, then add a spritz of fine mist hairspray all over to hold the style in place and tame flyaways. Cute!

#6 – The Fanned-Out Bun

Some hairdos for long hair you just can’t consider because you’ve got overly fine hair, right? Wrong. This look will make even the wispiest of locks look beautifully voluminous.

Firstly, sweep your hair into a high ponytail using a stiff bristled brush. For some smoothing power, work a little defining cream through your hair at the base of the pony.

Grasp the end of your ponytail with one hand and with your other hand, separate your hair directly under the elastic into two distinct sections making sure there’s a space between them. Pull your ponytail about halfway through the opening you’ve created, and using both hands gently fan out your hair in the bun. Pin the ends of your ponytail at the base of your bun, leaving a few pieces free so that the style’s still a little carefree. Volume plus!

#7 – The Inverted Fishtail Braid

If you love a good braid (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), but you’re tired of attempting styles for long hair that are a tad on the boring side, then it’s time to add your own personal twist to those other run-of-the-mill braided numbers.

Start by picking up two strands of hair high up on the crown of your head. Take a piece of hair from the left strand, cross it under and then join it with the right strand. Next, take a piece of hair from the right strand, cross it under and join it with the left strand.

Take a piece from the left strand again, cross it under and join it with the right one, then (this bit’s the trickiest bit!), take a piece of hair from the left next to where you originally picked up hair, cross it under and join it with the right side. Do the same on the other side.

Finally, continue the process all of the way down until you have incorporated all of your hair. Remember to continue to cross the strands under (not over) and join the opposite side. Pull on your finished braid a little to add a bit of volume … and you’re ready to face the day (and night – this style will stay put forever!)

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