Choosing The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Choosing The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Face shapes and hairstyles really do go hand in hand, and there’s nothing worse than choosing a cut that looked great on Instagram but just doesn’t suit you. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same old, same old either. Determining your face shape is as easy as dragging out an old-fashioned ruler and measuring the widths of your cheekbones, jawline, brow and the length of your face from your chin to your forehead. 

What are the different types of face shapes?

Round faces are generally as wide as they are long with the jaw and forehead curving at the corners, heart-shaped faces have a wide brow and narrow jaw, and oval faces have cheekbones, a jaw and a brow that are almost equal. If the width and length of your face are equal, you probably have a square face, and people with a diamond-shaped face have cheekbones that are set wide apart a pointed chin, and a hairline that is more narrow than any other face shape.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, you can then start researching what types of styles will best suit you. Here are our tips on choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape.

For a round face

If you’re after the best hairstyle for a round face, you’ll need a style that is face framing and adds more length to your face. A tapered fringe and layers can slim the face, but avoid tight ponytails and slicked back styles.

If you like to keep your hair short, go short all the way! A pixie cut with spiky layers around the crown can lengthen your face, add height, and emphasise your eyes. And unlike a jaw-hugging bob, this type of haircut can downplay the roundness of your face in the most flattering of ways.

For a flattering medium-length cut, a choppy, layered bob can work if you opt for a side part, especially if your stylist shapes your fringe so that it breaks at your eye. For a longer cut, opt for long, staggered layers that hit at the jawline – it’s an easy way to make your hair (not your face!) seem fuller. A scattering of light layers on the bottom of your cut can also keep volume away from the sides (where do you don’t need it) and instead focus near the ends (where you want it).

For a heart-shaped face

If you are choosing the right hairstyle for a heart-shaped face and you’re after a short cut, consider a wavy or soft style that frames the face, or one that’s cut evenly on the sides and neck with short layers on top. These types of hairstyles are dynamic enough to downplay a pronounced jawline, while the layers can break up a wide forehead.

For a medium-length option, a collarbone-length crop with a sweeping fringe and uniform layers can work, because it draws your eyes away from the chin and adds balance. This cut may not suit those with curly hair, however, as it can cause a top-heavy effect, and emphasize the chin even more.

Long hair with layers or a fringe also work well, however you should ask your stylist to add some layers that break at the chin and cheekbone to bring some of the attention to that area and frame the face.

For a long or oval face

Choosing the perfect haircut for a long or oval face is actually quite easy because this type of face shape suits pretty much all styles. Lucky you!

Short-haired girls should opt for a blunt bob with subtle, minimal layers, ask their stylist to use the natural hair part as a guide, and play up the hair’s natural texture in the styling.

For medium-length hair, a cut that hits at the shoulder works well, as do subtle variations in length.  A cut that avoids keeping your hair strands from laying flat against your head will also have an elongating effect.

Long hairstyle fans should consider a retro texture and a sweeping fringe. Side-swept fringes can shorten long faces because they cover the area between your hairline and your brow, meaning you’ve removed several inches from your face.

For a square face

Choosing the right hairstyle for a square face is easy if you avoid short haircuts that can make your face look even squarer, and opt for a short, layered bob with a subtle fringe. This will bring the focus higher and place the emphasis on your cheekbones rather than your jaw.

Fans of a medium length style should consider shoulder length, feathery layers which prevent the eye from noticing sharp corners. A side part can also create an asymmetrical effect that can offset squareness.

The most flattering haircut if you’re after a longer style is a cut with collarbone-skimming strands with a slight fringe that hits at the cheekbone. You can avoid a ho-hum look with blunt ends, and a light scattering of layers that will soften the entire face from top to bottom, however, keep layers to a minimum if your hair is fine.

For a diamond-shaped face

Finding the right haircut for a diamond-shaped face is about balancing out your narrow chin, shortening your overall face length and minimizing your wide cheekbones. Short styles don’t generally suit these faces because they add to the fullness of the upper part of the face, however a blunt shoulder-length cut or wavy to medium chin length hair will work well.

Consider subtle face-framing layers with this length, and a fringe can also help soften the diamond shape of your face. A deep side part can take away attention from the middle of your face and styles that need the hair to be pulled back can also show off your gorgeous cheekbones.

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