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How To Choose A Hair Salon

How To Choose A Hair Salon

Choosing a new hair salon can be an incredibly daunting task. Placing your trust in someone who has never styled your hair before is quite a commitment and, as most people are aware, not all hairdressers are of the same standard of quality. Choosing the wrong hair salon can quite easily mean you get a hairstyle quite different to the one you wanted and that can be quite distressing for some people.

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How Often Should I Touch Up My Roots?

So you’ve had your hair beautifully cut, styled and coloured. It looks amazing, but it leaves you wondering: How often should I touch up my roots? Recolouring your regrowth too often leads to dry, brittle hair – not to mention wasted money. On the other hand, you don’t want to spoil your stunning new look by having to wear a hat to hide a root disaster! How do you get the timing right? You’re in luck, because we’ve sussed it all out for you!

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West End Styles – Sassy, Edgy Hairstyle Adventures

Want a place where your edge and sass can shine? West End Style is about the anti-trend. It’s about a cut, colour and style that makes you feel West End. West End is about living on the urban edge; let us find you an urban fringe to match. COEV Hairdressers West End is all about edgy style that’s outside the box – for everyday styles, event styling or to make a big impression.

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Why You Should Stick With a Good Hairdresser



As hairdressers we may see a lot of people each day, but that doesn’t mean we ever forget our regular customers. A relationship with your hairstylist is a lot like other relationships, but often a woman’s relationship with her hairdresser outlasts many other relationships – even her spouse.  This means when you find a hairstylist that you know does a great job, you should stay with them.

We look forward to seeing our regular customers at COEV Hairdressers and know they feel the same about coming to see us! Apart from making everyone feel all warm and fuzzy, our relationship we have with our regular clients also means the best outcomes for them! How is this so? Let us explain…

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How to choose the best hairdressing salon in Brisbane

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We are experts in our profession, and us such our hairdressing salon in Brisbane has become a bit of an advice bureau for people who want to know more about their hair. If you’re looking for the best hairdressers in Brisbane, talk to the team at COEV first. We get asked a lot of the same questions all the time, and as professionals we are always happy to help. Some people want to know how to take care of their hair; others want to know about products. And, of course people always want to know what their options are when it comes to cuts and colours. We have put together this post to offer you all of our most commonly asked questions in one easy place. Continue reading