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What Are The Best Cuts for Thin Hair?


Thin hair can be a challenge, especially those with really thin hair since it can drastically limit the amount of options and hairstyles available. But fear not – there are still options and suitable cuts available for those with thin hair and it a great cut that can work for you.

By following a few of these tips from the hair colouring and styling specialists at COEV Hairdressers, you can embrace your thinner hair type with some great cuts and step out in complete confidence and style.  Continue reading

GHD Hair Straighteners – Why are they so good?

A quick search of product review websites and the results look good for GHD Hair Straighteners. People rave about the fact that it’s the best straightener they’ve ever used, how glossy their hair is after using it, and how many of the other brands just don’t even compare to using a GHD (stands for Good Hair Day FYI)

Many people may be wondering what all the fuss is about, and what makes people rave about their straighteners in an almost cult-like manner. As one of the premier hairdressers in Brisbane who have seen it all when it comes to good and bad and hair straighteners, we share the reasons why your hair loves GHD below. Continue reading

A Man’s Guide to Hair Care

In the office, the bar, or even at the gym, guys are mistaken if they think people aren’t looking at their hair. If you’ve not put much thought into the hair department, fear not – changing your hairstyle or cut is one the easiest ways a guy can transform his looks. And we’d be lying if we said that looking good and making the right impressions wasn’t something that everyone – man or woman – should be concerned with.

Apart from the standard short back and sides haircut to keep you looking sharp, COEV Hairdressers in West End offer men’s haircuts that capture style and masculinity. Guys you might be surprised about the positive benefits good grooming can have on those you want to impress (if you catch our drift.) Read on for our tips for good grooming and hair care for men. Continue reading

Great Hair – Great Gatsby Style!

Recreate Hairstyles from the Roaring Twenties


It’s taken audiences by storm and topped the box office. Now lads and ladies are looking to recreate a touch of style from the roaring twenties in their hairstyles. It’s nice to also see men in the hairdressers chair who are more confident to request a certain style and look. COEV Hairdressers explain how you can borrow the looks of the film characters from Jay Gatsby himself for guys, and Daisy Buchanan for the dolls, er… we mean ladies. Continue reading

Winter Hair Care Survival Guide

Cold weather and low humidity can affect your hair, especially during the winter months when we see clients at our hairdressing salon with locks that have been affected by the change in season. As well as losing shine and lustre, colder weather can also leave the scalp dry and itchy with people who a have naturally dry hair type most affected. But fear not, our hairdressers at COEV Hairdressers share few simple things that you can do as part of your hair care routine which will protect and restore damaged locks this winter. Continue reading

Great cuts for long hair

Long hair

Long hair is great for girls on the go

Long locks that look great when they are dried naturally are a blessing not all of us received! If you are a wash and wear kind of girl lucky enough to have this gift bestowed upon you then a long style is perfect. Spare a thought for the rest of us who have to spend time wrestling our hair with straighteners and hairdryers. A regular hair cut is all you need to keep your hair hassle free, and there are great hair salons in Brisbane to provide you with the best option. Continue reading

Hair Salons for all types of hair styles

Summer is over and you might be thinking about a new hairstyle, or perhaps just about getting rid of all the hair damage caused by those long, sunny days spent on the beach. However you might encounter some difficulties in choosing the right hair salon for your hair and hairstyle. But you don’t have to worry anymore, here at COEV Hairdressers we specialise in a wide range of hair styles and know how to treat different types of hair; whether you have curly, straight or sun damaged hair, we can treat it and make it look fabulous and healthy! Stop looking for hair salons in Brisbane and visit us today!

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Get expert advice from a professional hair stylist Brisbane

Choosing the wrong haircut can be very easy, as sometimes we don’t consider face shape or hair type. It can be hard to find a hair stylist that is willing to sit with you and share a few ideas and advice before cutting your hair. For this reason here at COEV Hair Dressers we not only match you with the hair stylist Brisbane who is best for you considering your hair type, condition and length, but we also provide customers with expert advice before cutting their hair so they get the best haircut possible.

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Top 5 hair tips from award winning hairdressing Brisbane

Have you ever looked at a magazine and wonder what those models and celebrities do to achieve shinny and beautiful hair? Even though it might true they probably have an army of stylists and professional working on their hair; they also follow some simple steps to keep their hair healthy. COEV Hairdressers is an award winning, and arguably the best hairdresser Brisbane has to offer. With such a title to live up to, we like to share essential hair tips with our customers to help them maintain their hair healthy and gorgeous looking. Here are the top 5 tips we believe everyone should follow to obtain great results.

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