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Should You Get a Fringe? – Advice from Hairstylists

If you want a change but don’t want to do anything too drastic, a fringe can be a great way to shake up your look. It’s a quick and easy way to change your hairstyle and it makes basic styles like ponytails look a little more interesting. But fear of getting a bad fringe can stop us – and as anyone who’s had a bad fringe knows, fringes grow long enough to be inconvenient very quickly, but take forever to grow out. Continue reading


Conquer Your Curls This Summer

Who has kinks for days, waves in their eyes and curls twisting into a crown? Hands up, curly haired women, GHD has developed devices just to replicate the same effect you get after a day away from the shampoo. So, how can you tame your twists into neat little ringlets or round, big curls? Although our advice is general, keep in mind there are different curl types out there – one head of hair isn’t the same as another head of hair, especially when curls are involved. Continue reading


4 Fast Fixes to Keep Your Hair Happy

Summer sun means one thing – soaring temperatures and sizzling hairstyles. If you haven’t booked in for a monthly check-up, dye and treatment lately, your hair is probably starting to feel and look a little neglected. Life gets busy and money isn’t always free flowing, so we’ve compiled 4 quick hair fixes to keep your locks in summer ready condition until the next time you come and see us. Your hair and your look will thank you, as great hair can add that little extra spice to a normal every day look!  Continue reading


Summer 2014 Hair Trend Forecast

Summer has landed and the hottest parties await, as Christmas draws near and work wraps up, promising two weeks of heaven and long, balmy nights. Every occasion demands perfect tresses, simple and easy, sophisticated and eye-catching, these trends will be on everybody’s lips by the time we’re through. Take a minute or two before you dance up a storm or relax in the sun, nothing tastes better than self-confidence and nothing can inspire that feel-good edge like a new ‘do, expertly crafted by one of our Brisbane hairdressers. Continue reading


Questions to ask your hairdresser

When you visit your hairdresser, get to know them, and allow them to get to know you. When you develop a good relationship with your hairdresser they will be more valuable to you, and they can support you in keeping your hair looking at its absolute best.

Many people love to have a chat with their hairdresser, but try talking about something other than celebrities and the weather! Start talking to your hairdresser about your hair, and the ways that you can make the most of what you have. Continue reading

Why You Should Stick With a Good Hairdresser



As hairdressers we may see a lot of people each day, but that doesn’t mean we ever forget our regular customers. A relationship with your hairstylist is a lot like other relationships, but often a woman’s relationship with her hairdresser outlasts many other relationships – even her spouse.  This means when you find a hairstylist that you know does a great job, you should stay with them.

We look forward to seeing our regular customers at COEV Hairdressers and know they feel the same about coming to see us! Apart from making everyone feel all warm and fuzzy, our relationship we have with our regular clients also means the best outcomes for them! How is this so? Let us explain…

Continue reading

Aftercare Advice: Making your hair colouring last longer

shutterstock_187417916The benefits of getting your hair professionally coloured means you will get the right shade for your hair and a colour that can be completely customised which will work with your skin tone and your natural hair colour. Here at COEV Hairdressers we only use the best colouring products which will not damage your hair, or leave it brassy or dry. It also shields you from making DIY colouring disasters, with colourists regularly able to rectify botched colouring jobs. Continue reading

Reasons why curly hair is a blessing not a curse

shutterstock_163442711You might not consider your bouncy locks to be a blessing, but natural curls are something to behold. All hair styles have their own advantages and disadvantages and instead of dwelling on the cons of curls, it’s important to remember that naturally wavy hair comes with many blessings.

Our mantra at Coev Hairdressers is to love your locks no matter what hair style or type that you have been given. If you’re on the wavy end of the hair spectrum, our hair stylistsshare some good reasons to not to be surly for being naturally curly! Continue reading

Hairstyles to suit Round Face Shapes

As hairdressers, here at COEV Hairdressers, it’s essential that we understand how the face shape of our customers plays a role in a stylish and flattering cut. Not only should a cut complement a face shape, it should also frame the face and accentuate your best features.

With so many different face shapes, (round, square, oval, and diamond to name a few) our stylists can suggest a suitable hairstyle to suit your face shape. You don’t need to worry about just one style fitting your face shape – there are actually quite a few! For those with round face shapes we share some flattering short, mid length and long length haircuts for you to consider below. Continue reading

How to get the haircut you want

Most of us have experienced a bad haircut first hand, or at least heard stories of horror haircuts. The reason for a bad haircut is often placed fully on the hairdresser, and while this can be a legitimate reason for an unflattering cut, often the reasons can be more complex.

COEV Hairdressers share some advice how to get the best haircut that you want! We know better than anyone that in the hairdressing world there can sometime be a mismatch between what the client has visualised and the finished result. Let this list be your guide to getting the hairstyle you want… Continue reading