COEV Hairdressers

Our Hairdressing Awards

At COEV Hairdressers Brisbane, we pride ourselves on our achievements in hair styling. As a result of our hard work to create the best hairstyles in Australia, we have received several hairdressing awards over the years.

2009 Goldwell Finalist and Goldwell People’s Choice—Colour Zoom

Goldwell is a well-known and high-quality hairdressing brand. Every year, Goldwell hosts the Colour Zoom. Colour Zoom is a worldwide contest about deconstructing and reconstructing hairstyles to reach new heights in fashion. As a result of our unique hairstyles, we have not only been finalists in this competition, we have also won the people’s choice award. This means our hairstyles are not only popular with hairstyle professionals, but with the general public.

2010 Goldwell Cut, Colour and Style Finalist

Goldwell also holds competitions for hairdressing salons to determine who is the best when it comes to cut, colour and style. At COEV, we are more than proud to say we were finalists in this category in 2010. This means we are one of the top hairdressing salons in the world and we can provide you with anything you need to make your hair look stylish and unique.

2008 Top Six Hairdresser of the Year

We are proud to announce we made it to the top six hairdressers in all of Queensland. This means that out of all the hairdressing salons in Queensland, we are among the best six. You can be sure you’ll get an amazing cut with us.

Face of IHS—Award of Excellence

The Face of IHS is a competition supported by the International Hairstylists Society Australia. The award of excellence means we are one of the best hairstylists in Australia. Hairdressing awards don’t come easily and our excellence can be seen in all the hairstyles we create for our clients.

PHA Profile Photographers—State Champion, National Finalist

This is another award we’re particularly proud of. Not only were we the State Champion in Queensland, we were a national finalist out of all the participating hairdressing salons in Australia. This goes to show how photogenic our hairstyles are, they are good enough to win state-wide photography awards and they are nationally recognised.

Thinking about getting a stylish and quirky haircut? With so many hairdressing awards under our belt, you can be sure that we will give you one of the best hairstyles in Australia.

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