The Truth About Products In Hair Salons

The Truth About Products In Hair Salons

Supermarket versus hair salon; which do you pick for hair products?

On the one hand, you have your local hair stylist preaching the importance of good quality shampoo and products for the long term health of your tresses. On the other, you have the cynics telling you to stop wasting your hard earned cash on an overrated bottle of soap, and pick up a bottle from your local store.

With so much conflicting advice (not to mention products to choose from) it can be difficult to know what to buy.

The truth about products sold in hair salons may surprise you! Intrigued? Keep reading.

A question of quality

While both varieties of shampoo will clean your hair, that is where the similarities end.

At first glance, the ingredients list on a store bought product would read very similarly to that of one purchased in a hair salon.


There is one, very important, difference between the two products – it’s all in the concentration levels.

The mass produced products often tout their use of a specific ingredient, one of high quality that you would be likely to also find in a salon counterpart. What they don’t tell you, however, is that the amount of this ingredient used is in trace amounts. This is really significant, because the tiny amount used will have no positive impact on the health of your hair.

In addition to using scant amounts of quality ingredients, the remainder of the bottle is topped up with fillers. Made from a variety of substances, fillers have one thing in common – they are devoid of any value to your hair. In fact, these fillers are damaging, because while they are giving the illusion of soft hair, they are really loading it up with waxy build-up that prevents nutrients from getting in.

Don’t be fooled by buzz words and marketing. A lot of products claim to have super ingredients that promise to do this and that, but contain such miniscule amounts that they will do no such thing. Let the product speak for itself.

In comparison, hair salons sell products that are formulated using concentrated levels of the ‘good stuff’; i.e. ingredients that protect and nourish your hair, maintaining the correct PH level and selecting gentle cleaning agents that won’t strip your tresses of their natural oils.

How to choose the right hair products for you

The surfactants in your shampoo are a tell-tale sign of the quality. Surfactants are the ingredients that make your shampoo lather. They all sound very similar on paper, but they are not all created equal. Sodium laureth sulphate is a much gentler option than other surfactants like sodium laurel sulphate or ammonium laurel sulphate. You should expect to see sodium laureth sulphate in your hair salon shampoo. Considering the surfactants are one of the main ingredients, this is not one to overlook!

Another ingredient to look out for is the conditioning agents. Hair salon quality products generally use a high protein, more concentrated conditioning agent that locks moisture into your hair and scalp. These ingredients cost more than their cheaper alternatives, which is why the cost of salon shampoo exceeds that of mass produced products.

Hair Salons vs Supermarkets – What is the REAL price difference?

Many people choose supermarket shampoos based on the fact that they are cheaper to buy than hair salon products. While salon quality products are naturally more expensive, the price difference may not be as big as you think.

What if we told you that over the course of a year, you could actually spend a similar amount on your hair products from a salon as you currently do in the supermarket?

As mentioned before, the biggest difference is in the ingredients; specifically the concentration levels. Not only is a highly concentrated product better for your hair, it is also more cost effective.

When you use a concentrated product, you require much less of it than a non-concentrated version. A bottle of supermarket shampoo or conditioner may last you three weeks, while a high quality product will often last for months at a time! Invest in a large litre sized bottle of hair salon branded product and see how long it lasts – the results will amaze you.

Also keep in mind that, as with other products, you get what you pay for.  Buying from a salon means you are paying for shampoo that is rich in proteins and nutrients, with gentle cleaning agents, formulated for optimal hair health.

Don’t throw your money down the drain on a product filled with fillers; invest in the right product and reap the benefit of it lasting you for months!

Taking the hair salon experience home

Who doesn’t love that ‘I just left the salon’ look and feel? You know what I’m talking about – the heavenly scent and smooth finish from your treatment. The light, fresh feeling of healthy hair that feels like its bouncing with each step you take. The compliments you receive from others, making you feel refreshed and just a little bit glamourous!

While most of us can’t afford to treat ourselves to the luxury of a personal hair stylist every week, you can maintain the look and feel of your hair salon experience at home. Buy a few products and you can wash and style your hair just like the professionals in between haircuts!

Hair stylists are experts at finding the right product for the right hair and scalp type. Make the most of their expertise and let them assist you to find the product that will give you the best results.

Have you ever found a product that you loved (and seemed to love your hair) for months at a time, only to find it suddenly stops working its magic? This is not actually due to a problem with the product itself, but rather factors like a changing climate with the seasons, or hormonal fluctuations affecting your hair and scalp. Your local hair salon will be able to assist you to remedy your concerns by recommending another product that will be more suited to your hair at that particular time.

Hair salons are there to help you achieve style and confidence – including when you go home! Take the advice of your stylist and Invest in the health of your hair with a quality product.

Want to know more about hair products from supermarkets vs those for sale at hair salons? Come and chat to the expert stylists at COEV Hairdressers. We’re here to help!