Top Tips to Choose Hair Colour for your Skin Tone

Top Tips To Choose Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

The year is almost over and there’s no better time to try on a new look! Whether you’re going for a new cut, a new colour, or both, the options are almost endless. So how do you choose? For us, the best marker of a great new hair colour is your skin tone. Matching hair colour with skin tone always yields incredible results. But as with all changes, it’s easier said than done.

There are a lot of things to take into account when you’re matching hair colour to your skin tone. And believe us – it can be a painstaking choice to make. But in then end, it is more than worth it. We get a lot of people asking how to find the best hair colour for your skin tone, so we figured it would be best to make a quick guide. So if you’re stuck trying to choose the right hair colour for your skin tone, have a read!

Choosing the right hair colour for your skin tone means identifying undertones as well!

Probably the most common mistake we see is people thinking of skin tone as a single colour or shade. But it’s so much more than that. If you look at different parts of your body, you’ll probably see a whole spectrum of colours – some of which you’ve probably never noticed before. That’s understandable – a lot of them are pretty subtle. But they all work together to complement your skin tone. And we get it – shades within colours seems like a pretty hard concept to grasp, let alone work with. But stick with us – matching them all with a great hair colour is the key to achieving your most flattering look yet!

So these different shades are called undertones. Like most stylists, we talk about them in terms of three categories: warm, cool and neutral. These categories are pretty easy to identify too. Warm tones have splashes of yellow and gold. Cool tones have darker shades of pink and even olive. Any mix of the two categories is classed as neutral. A lot of stylists recommend checking your eyes to get a good handle on your undertones. Your eyes normally have a depth of colour that includes the undertones of your skin, like gold or brown for example.

The right hair colour for your skin tone should contrast your undertones

Once you have worked out the undertones of your skin, you are already winning. Choosing the best hair colour for your skin tone is all about working with subtlety and there is nothing subtler than undertones. So, let’s talk specifics. If you have identified warm undertones in your skin, you should choose a hair colour that is cool. Sounds a bit counterintuitive, right? Well, yes – but not if you think about it like we do. Consider your skin tone as the focal point; it’s almost like the middle ground. To one side you have your skin’s undertones, which are subtle but still affect your look. What you want to do is get a hair colour that brings your look back to the other side and adds some balance to your look.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our friends with neutral undertones. Neutral undertones are the easiest to work with; you’ll be pleased to know that anything goes with your skin tone! This is all getting pretty technical, but if you stick to the basic principle you can see for yourself. With your skin tone in the centre, your undertones and hair colour add depth to your look. It might not be immediately apparent when you think about it, but it’s amazing what a difference it can make!

From deep to fair: there isn’t a single right hair colour for your skin tone – more a spectrum!

If you have come here for the golden bullet, we are sorry to say that there isn’t one. But we think of that as more of a good thing! The truth is that there isn’t one perfect hair colour for your skin tone. There are actually quite a lot. If you stick to some of the basic principles we have mentioned, you can make a whole range of colours complement your skin tone perfectly. And that means that there aren’t really any wrong answers. Sure, some might look a little more flattering than others, but they will all work well in the end. And that’s all part of the fun – you can engage in a bit of trial and error and really get creative. With the right help, it won’t take long at all for you to find the perfect hair colour for your skin tone.

Do some research and find a celebrity with a great hair colour for your skin tone

Choosing the right hair colour for your skin tone is not too different from choosing a new haircut. And what’s the golden rule of choosing a new haircut? Looking at other people’s styles first! Getting online and researching different celebrities is a great place to start. They seem to chop and change their looks almost weekly, so you’ll have no shortage of inspiration. All you need to do is find a few A-listers with a similar skin tone to yours. If you like their hair colour, chances are it will work well with you.

For the best hair colour for your skin tone, your stylist is the number one authority

All the research that you’ve done gives you a great advantage. Chances are, you can walk right into your next appointment with an exact hair colour in mind. But if you are still a little stumped trying to choose your favourite hair colour for your skin tone, you have another great resource on hand: your stylist! Your stylist is the number one authority on all hair decisions – so don’t be afraid to call in for some help. With your research and your stylist’s expertise, finding the right hair colour for your skin tone will be a breeze!

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