What Is Hot For Hair This Winter – Hairdresser Tips

Brace yourselves…winter is coming and it’s the perfect time to flaunt that new hairdo! Put away your fake tan, sandy towels and sunglasses. Get ready for hair that works with boots, scarves and hats. COEV Hairdressers in Brisbane are ready to give you a new look as well as hair care tips for the cooler months. Here are the latest winter trends for your tresses!

Collarbone length hair

Collarbone length hair suits many different face shapes and is perfect if you can’t quite commit to short or long lengths. This winter though, it also doubles as a very adaptable hair style! Not only can you leave it out or tie it up, you can utilise your winter clothing to turn your medium length hair into a quick and simple faux bob. Just tuck your hair into a big winter coat or scarf and bam! Instant bob cut! With so much flexibility, it’s easy to see why collarbone length hair is so popular during winter.

Thick curls

Thick, tight curls look beautiful all year round, but winter is when they really come out to shine! As it’s fairly cool outside, you don’t have to worry about humidity or heat which can cause your bouncy curls to frizz. You also won’t get that uncomfortable sweatiness that happens so often in summer with thick curls either. This results in many stunning curly styles in the winter months. So keep your head warm and give yourself a gorgeous new look in winter with thick curls!

Layers and bangs

After long summer months of swimming and sunshine, your hair will benefit from a good trim. This is a perfect time to get some layers. Layers are a great way to neaten up your hair, give it some volume and help it stay tidy without being tied back.

The hottest layered look this winter is the Farrah Fawcett style 70s ‘bangs’.  This style of fringe cut starts with short layers at your forehead and longer pieces as they move down your face. The result is a cute new look that will last all winter. Leave them straight for easy maintenance or try a blow dry with pizazz for a night out.

Wavy winter hair

When you think of wavy hair, the first thing that probably comes to mind is breezy summer hair. However, there is a hot winter look that involves wavy winter hair and it’s a hit with celebrities! Instead of the messy windswept beach look, wavy winter hair is more subtle and has a cool beauty to it. It involves s-shaped waves that are arranged in a neat fashion and it has stunning results. So be sure to get your local hairdresser to change those waves so you can transition from beach chic to winter goddess.

Short cuts

In winter, short cuts are always about thick curls and messy waves. If you think about men’s messy hairstyles in the late 2000’s, that’s pretty much what women are rocking this winter in 2016. Don’t get put off by that though – these styles have a chic twist which makes these hairstyles beautifully feminine and perfect for a cool change. If you’d prefer something a little longer, bob cuts and bangs are a big hit this winter as well. The bob and bangs combo frames your face beautifully whilst giving you a sexy look that’s perfectly complemented by thick winter coats and scarfs.

Warm colours

It’s no surprise that the most popular hair colours around winter are the warm, soft hues, rather than bright reds or blondes. If you want something natural, the most popular colours around this time of the year are dark blondes, dark brunettes and ‘bronde’, which is a beautiful combination of dark blonde and brunette.  If you like your hair colourful, this is also the perfect time of the year to get into some lovely pastel colours. A soft aqua green or powder pink will stand out against the darker tones of winter fashions. This winter is all about warm colours so be sure to get your local hairdresser to give your hair a colour treatment so you can feel the warmth too!

Just for the guys

Similar to women this year, men’s hairstyles are all about easy care and warm colours. This includes messy hair, winter waves and plenty of volume enhancing layers! Of course, beards are always a big hit in winter for men. The hipster beard is going nowhere! It will not only keep your face warm, it will give you a sexy and rugged winter appearance. So men, let your hair grow out so you can get your COEV hairdresser to give you an awesome stylish look this winter.

Winter is the perfect time to sport a new hairdo. Even if it never quite snows in South East Queensland, our Brisbane hairdressers can still create luscious locks or warm waves to suit you until spring arrives. Come visit us at COEV Hairdressers and get the look you want!

What’s hot in hair this winter? Get in touch with the team at COEV Hairdressers Brisbane for the latest style tips!