4 Fast Fixes to Keep Your Hair Happy

Summer sun means one thing – soaring temperatures and sizzling hairstyles. If you haven’t booked in for a monthly check-up, dye and treatment lately, your hair is probably starting to feel and look a little neglected. Life gets busy and money isn’t always free flowing, so we’ve compiled 4 quick hair fixes to keep your locks in summer ready condition until the next time you come and see us. Your hair and your look will thank you, as great hair can add that little extra spice to a normal every day look! 

Step Away from the Straightener

Maybe not all the time, but continuous blow drying, ironing and curling can have horrible effects on your hair, from root to tip. Think of burning your hair ever so slightly over and over again – healthy hair is not burnt, it shines, and it’s naturally gorgeous. If you have curls, embrace them; if you rock bed hair without trying, let your inner funk shine and start this holiday season with a new ‘do; dead straight sister are already putting GHD to shame, and for everyone else in-between, finding a new style you like and make this week a heat free one.

Daily Clean Doom

Stop shampooing your hair everyday. Clean does not equal better, nicer or easier to style – it strips the natural oils out of your hair before they can build up. Oily might sound bad, but in this case, the oils your hair needs to thrive and survive in the harsh sunlight are best cultivated in hair that is only washed every 2-3 days – if you’re really concerned and you have curly hair, place a dollop of leave-in conditioner on your hand and spread through evenly to equalize any frizz factors.

The Itchy Sitch

Has your scalp started flaking? Itching? Feeling irritated? Burning? Something is going on up there and it’s not going to go away just because you’re ignoring it. A bad case of dandruff can be a mood killer – your uber style is ruined by snowflakes of dead skin. On the other hand, if you’re trying out a new home dye and it burns, it’s probably best not to go there again and get down to a salon stat. Allergic reactions are never pleasant. To avoid this scenario, always perform a patch test before trying an at-home dye, or better yet, come and see us for the real thing.

Spurn Split Ends

Split ends, uneven ends and unhealthy tresses need the TLC of a professional from COEV Hair Salon West End. Don’t take to your hair with utility scissors – you’ll damage the hair strand even more and potentially completely kill the look you’re going for. Split ends can’t be allowed to stand tall!