summer hair care routine

8 Easy Tips For Your Summer Hair Care Routine

Summer is the perfect time to relish carefree days outside, basking in the warm sunshine and maybe enjoying a dip in the pool. But between the UV rays, humidity and chlorine conspiring to make your hair thirsty and frizzy, summer can be tough on your hair. Finding the right summer hair care routine will help you keep your hair lush, healthy and under control.

Here are our best summer hair care tips, including hair care tips for dry hair and how to protect your hair from the sun and saltwater.

Summer Hair Care Tip #1: Moisturise Often

Make sure you’re keeping your hair well-nourished with moisturising formulas this summer.

To help restore your thirsty tresses, we recommend massaging a natural hair oil treatment, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil, to the ends of your hair and into your scalp. For best results, make sure the oil is lukewarm.

If you need a deeper level of moisture, apply a conditioning mask or live-in conditioner, or ask your salon to moisturise your hair with a professional deep conditioning treatment.

Summer Hair Care Tip #2: Sun Protection For Hair

Everyone knows about sunscreen for skin, but did you know that there are products to protect hair from sun damage? The sun’s UV rays can leave your hair dry and brittle, so it’s worth investing in good quality UV hair protection. There are many options to choose from, including shampoos, conditioners, sprays, oils and masks, which contain SPF for hair. This will keep your hair well-protected from the glare and damage of UV rays.

Summer Hair Care Tip #3: Avoid Heat Styling

To avoid stressing out your hair, it’s best to avoid heat styling, curling and straightening your hair in summer. Instead, treat summer as an opportunity to embrace your natural texture.

To help you avoid frizz and lock in moisture, we recommend using a microfibre towel and let your hair dry naturally, followed by a quick spritz with a sea salt spray.

Summer Hair Care Tip #4: Protect Your Hair From Saltwater

Overexposure to saltwater can wreak havoc on your hair, stripping it of moisture. Before diving into a saltwater pool or heading to the beach, we recommend thoroughly treating your hair with coconut oil. After your swim, make sure you rinse out the salt water as soon as possible and replenish your hair with moisturising shampoo and conditioner.

Summer Hair Care Tip #5: Protect Your Hair From Chlorine

Hair naturally absorbs water, so swimming in chlorine means your hair will naturally soak up the chemical, causing it to dry and split more easily. You can prevent this chlorine damage by washing your hair with cool, fresh water before your swim, and adding a layer of protection to your strands, such as a protective summer hair care mask designed for swimming. This will help stop the nasty chemicals from getting in.

Summer Hair Care Tip #6: Wash Less Often

Washing your hair too often can strip your scalp and hair of much needed natural oils. Our stylists recommend washing your less frequently in the summer months and opting instead for a dry shampoo. Simply sprinkle the powder onto your scalp and work it in with your fingers to absorb grease and add body and texture to your mane.

Summer Hair Care Tip #7: Enjoy A Healthy Diet

A healthy, balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals adds strength to the hair follicle. We recommend filling up on delicious fresh fruit and summer foods, such as sweet potato, avocado, almonds, egg, lemons and salmon, to give your hair and skin a healthy glow. Drinking lots of water will also help cleanse your body of toxins while keeping your hair well-hydrated.

Summer Hair Care Tip #8: Keep Up To Date With Trims

Unfortunately, split ends are much more likely to happen when your hair dries out, leaving you with frizzy hair that’s prone to breakage. Keeping up with regular trims in summer will help your hair look its best.

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