A Man’s Guide to Hair Care

In the office, the bar, or even at the gym, guys are mistaken if they think people aren’t looking at their hair. If you’ve not put much thought into the hair department, fear not – changing your hairstyle or cut is one the easiest ways a guy can transform his looks. And we’d be lying if we said that looking good and making the right impressions wasn’t something that everyone – man or woman – should be concerned with.

Apart from the standard short back and sides haircut to keep you looking sharp, COEV Hairdressers in West End offer men’s haircuts that capture style and masculinity. Guys you might be surprised about the positive benefits good grooming can have on those you want to impress (if you catch our drift.) Read on for our tips for good grooming and hair care for men.

General rules for good hair care for guys

  • Invest in a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner that nourishes the hair and the roots and removes product built up. Don’t use body wash or soaps to wash your hair. These will deplete your hair of its natural oils and leave it looking dull.
  • Find a styling product that works for your hair type. If you’ve got straight hair short hair pastes works well. If your hair is very short clay or mud also will provide some texture and definition to your hair.
  • For curly hair we recommend using a texturizing cream
  • Avoid wax and gums, it can make your hair gluggy and oily and leave residue on your scalp causing it to itch.
  • Keep your hair trimmed to keep looking good and promote new growth and healthy ends.
  • Avoid going crazy with a towel. Men’s hair is coarser than women’s but furiously drying can cause some of the strands to get tangled in the towel and damage the hair itself.
  • If daily shaving is part of your routine consider using an exfoliating scrub to dislodge ingrown hair, dirt and oil and will make for a smoother nick free shave.

Keep on top of it now, and your hair will thank you later. Healthy hair now means less thinning later on and taking care of those locks goes a long way in helping you look fresh and feel confident.

We’ve got a range of men’s hair care products here in our salon so ask one of our stylists about a product to complement your hair length and type today! We’re located at 4/69 Boundary Street, West End in the West End Markets Shopping Centre.