Aftercare Advice: Making your hair colouring last longer

shutterstock_187417916The benefits of getting your hair professionally coloured means you will get the right shade for your hair and a colour that can be completely customised which will work with your skin tone and your natural hair colour. Here at COEV Hairdressers we only use the best colouring products which will not damage your hair, or leave it brassy or dry. It also shields you from making DIY colouring disasters, with colourists regularly able to rectify botched colouring jobs.

Why Colour?

Colouring hair holds a fascination and almost universal appeal for women (and men) around the world. With a new colour you can radically transform your look, and step out in a drastically different style.

But not all colour treatments are created equal, and depending on your preferred colour and your existing colour it can mean it is not always possible, practical or financially viable to maintain a sleek platinum blonde sheen like the Hollywood A-listers. The cut and colouring stylists here at Brisbane’s Coev Hairdressers explain some after care tips to keep your colour looking vibrant for longer…

1.     Use Colour Conditioners and Shampoos

These help to seal in colour by using special silicones. Look for conditioners and shampoos labels that do not contain sulfates as these can strip hair dye.

2.     Heat and Dryness Wreak Havoc with Coloured Hair

Coloured hair is more prone to dryness and for dye to penetrate each strand, the treatment strips away the protective outer cuticle for colour penetration. To avoid heat damaged hair and colour fading, use a hydrating hair protective spritzer before using straightening irons or blow dryers. To avoid sun damage which can make colour look dull, opt for styling products which contain UV protection.

3.     Maintain a colour schedule

Keeping a great colour means maintaining the colour as hair grows. Colour will need to be reapplied to prevent obvious regrowth of roots. There may be some home applications which can make it easier to keep on top of your colouring schedule so you don’t have to visit the salon every time, but for your first colour – a professional job will ensure the best results and the right colour match and can avoid the pitfalls of DIY colour jobs.

A professional colouring will also mean that if on the odd chance the finished result is not what you had in mind the colourist is also more easily able to correct the situation within 72 hours of the treatment, and has to right knowledge to remove colour without damaging the hair.

Come in and speak to our cut and hair colourists here at Coev Hairdressers for the professional colouring service and the best results. Call us on (07) 3844 4766 or visit us as 4/69 Boundary Street, West End.