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Winter Hair Care Survival Guide

Cold weather and low humidity can affect your hair, especially during the winter months when we see clients at our hairdressing salon with locks that have been affected by the change in season. As well as losing shine and lustre, colder weather can also leave the scalp dry and itchy with people who a have naturally dry hair type most affected. But fear not, our hairdressers at COEV Hairdressers share few simple things that you can do as part of your hair care routine which will protect and restore damaged locks this winter. Continue reading

What makes a good hairdresser?


There’s no shortage of hairdressers in Brisbane, but as many would agree, finding a good one is not always an easy task. When you find a good hairdressing salon, you’ll want to stick with them since using a good hairdresser is like using many other professional services. You want to go with someone you know and who understands your specific needs. A good relationship with a good hairdresser will ensure that they’ll give you a good cut and style time and time again, and since we believe it ‘takes one to know one,’ in today’s post the team of stylists here at West End’s COEV Hairdressers share the qualities that make a good hairdresser which like a good doctor, you’ll want to hang onto. Continue reading

How to choose the best hairdressing salon in Brisbane

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We are experts in our profession, and us such our hairdressing salon in Brisbane has become a bit of an advice bureau for people who want to know more about their hair. If you’re looking for the best hairdressers in Brisbane, talk to the team at COEV first. We get asked a lot of the same questions all the time, and as professionals we are always happy to help. Some people want to know how to take care of their hair; others want to know about products. And, of course people always want to know what their options are when it comes to cuts and colours. We have put together this post to offer you all of our most commonly asked questions in one easy place. Continue reading

Choose professional hairdressing salons in Brisbane

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A part of being one of the most innovative and creative hairdressing salons in Brisbane means staying on top of new techniques, trends and seasonal styles. As the seasons change so do trends and preferences. Autumn is upon us now, and as the temperature drops it is very common to feel like a change. If such thoughts are on your mind, come on in to COEV Hairdressing. Each member of our team has their own area of speciality, so no matter what you need; we are bound to have a specialist to help you out. Let’s take a look at the current trends for the new season. Continue reading

Great cuts for long hair

Long hair

Long hair is great for girls on the go

Long locks that look great when they are dried naturally are a blessing not all of us received! If you are a wash and wear kind of girl lucky enough to have this gift bestowed upon you then a long style is perfect. Spare a thought for the rest of us who have to spend time wrestling our hair with straighteners and hairdryers. A regular hair cut is all you need to keep your hair hassle free, and there are great hair salons in Brisbane to provide you with the best option. Continue reading

Do you want to switch up your style this summer?

lady with mult-coloured hairOne of the many features that set COEV Hairdressers apart from other hair salons in Brisbane is our dedication to providing you with the perfect stylist. We will match the look you want to achieve with a stylist who has the skillset to match your needs. If you want a dress, you don’t go to a shoe shop, if you want a car, you don’t see a motorcycle dealer, do you?  If you want a new hair colour, it makes sense that you go to a hair colour specialist. Continue reading

How to Prevent and Treat Sun Damaged Hair

It’s no secret that as the weather warms in Brisbane people spend a lot more time outdoors directly exposed to the elements. This means that hair is often more vulnerable to the effects of direct sunlight, wind and moisture than it is at other times of year. Like many things the best treatment is prevention, and here at COEV Hairdressers we often work first-hand with the effects of sun damaged hair. In today’s blog post we’d like to share our expertise by outlining common methods to treat sun damaged hair and give some strategies that still allow you to enjoy summer and the outdoors without the damaged hair.   Continue reading

Stylist Noriko

Noriko is originally from Tokyo Japan but has lived in Australia for the last 6 years. She is a great listener and will guide you through the consultation process. Noriko loves to see people smile and leave the Salon fullfilled. Noriko especially likes short hair cutting / styling and creative colouring