What Are The Best Cuts for Thin Hair?


Thin hair can be a challenge, especially those with really thin hair since it can drastically limit the amount of options and hairstyles available. But fear not – there are still options and suitable cuts available for those with thin hair and it a great cut that can work for you.

By following a few of these tips from the hair colouring and styling specialists at COEV Hairdressers, you can embrace your thinner hair type with some great cuts and step out in complete confidence and style. 

1.     Get regular trims. Thin hair can lose its shape as it grows far more quickly than thicker hair. Keeping ends trimmed will help give the hair a fuller appearance.

2.     Shorter or Medium Haircuts will be best suited to thin hair types rather than longer hairstyles. Shorter hair displays more bounce. A pixie haircut will look like it has more volume simply by the nature of the haircut.

3.     Blunt Cuts look best. Avoid using texturizing shears or razors. Blunt ends will prevent the hair from looking stringy. Avoid too many layers in the hair, as it will make the length thinner.

4.     Colour the hair – The right colours and highlights in the hair can add much needed shading and depth for thinner hair. Some colour treatment will also slightly thicken the hair, so combine this with a mixture of brown and blonde colours and it can give the illusion of a hairstyle with extra body.

5.     Use volumising styling products. Using volumising shampoos, sprays and a good styling mousse are specially designed to make your hair appear fuller and bouncier. These are a godsend for thinner hair types.

6.     Bangs and fringes look great. As mentioned above, lots of layering doesn’t work well with thin hair. So if you’re looking for some variety in your hairstyle apart from the squared edge bob, a fringe can give a great shape and provide good definition.

Our hairstylists here at COEV Hairdressers have a wealth of experience in helping our customers find the right cut for their hair type and face shape – including thin hair.  Come and see us at the friendly COEV Hair Salon today for that great cut that’s best suited to you and learn to love your hair!

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