Conquer Your Curls This Summer

Who has kinks for days, waves in their eyes and curls twisting into a crown? Hands up, curly haired women, GHD has developed devices just to replicate the same effect you get after a day away from the shampoo. So, how can you tame your twists into neat little ringlets or round, big curls? Although our advice is general, keep in mind there are different curl types out there – one head of hair isn’t the same as another head of hair, especially when curls are involved.

Say No to Shampoo

Also known as going “poo free”, curly haired ladies love the results reaped by living free of shampoo. Instead of buying both, opt only for conditioner, as textured hair has different requirements compared to the straight variety. Your hair is naturally drier, as the oils produced by your scalp have to work harder to get the ends – shampoo strips those oils before they have a chance to reach the tips, leaving you with a dead-end look faster. If you suffer from skin conditions, the poo free movement may not be for you – your scalp has more pressing needs than your hair!

Work Your Way Up

When you apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair, where do you start? From the bottom or the top? Remember what we said about the ends needing all the TLC they can get? Start there and move your way up to the roots with both shampoo and condition, gently massaging the cleansing agents through. When brushing or combing, apply the same rule.

Brush Up

Speaking of brushing, trade in your favourite for a wide tooth comb or pick through the knots with your fingers. Not only does brushing damage textured hair like yours, but it undoes a lot of the good work you’re doing by conditioning exclusively.

Diffuse the Situation

Can’t quick kick the hairdryer habit? Fair enough, we understand your difficulty! Instead of relying on your dryer and kicking up a frizzy frenzy, add a diffuser to the mix and be careful not to fry your hair – blow dry evenly and run a de-frizz serum afterward for the best results.

Hide From Humidity

Humidity is a fact of Brisbane life. We live in Australia’s sunshine state, lined with beaches and tanned bodies, so it stands to reason summer brings out the highest humidity count, transforming corkscrews into matted messes. A good de-frizz serum or treatment encases the strand so humidity can’t play its nasty, fashion faux-pas tricks on wonderful people like you.

Trim and Terrific

Curly hair needs a tad more up-keep in terms of regular trims. Aim to book in with COEV Hair Salon Brisbane every 6 weeks to ensure dead ends to get the best of your look and replenish your leave-in conditioner supplies while you’re here.

Remember many see curly hair as a blessing rather than a curse. Do you have any tips to tame crazy curls you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.