8 Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ But many people don’t realise that our diet has a big impact on our overall appearance including our skin, nails and most of all – our hair. It’s worth remembering that eating well can play a role in your appearance and a good diet will support strong and vibrant hair.

So what are the foods that nutritionists have found to benefit your bangs and love your locks? COEV Hairdressers share eight of the best foods for healthy hair below.



1.     Salmon – Rich in protein and vitamin D, the fatty acids and Omega 3 oils in this fish and are the natural oils found in in the skin of your scalp and helps to keep your scalp and hair hydrated.

2.     Walnuts – Also the only nut with a significant amount of Omega 3 oils, Walnuts are also rich in Biotin and Vitamin E which can help protect your hair from harsh sun and hair loss. The natural copper in walnuts also helps to keep your natural hair colour looking bright and vibrant.

3.     Oysters – Hard to stomach for some, but oysters have been proven to have an abundance of zinc, which can protect against hair loss. Too little zinc in your diet can also be a contributing factor against dry scalp. If you’re not an oysters enthusiast, nuts, eggs and beef are also all high in zinc.

4.     Sweet Potatoes – Rich in beta carotene, which is converted by the body to vitamin A, sweet potatoes help to promote cell growth including those which produce natural oils on your scalp. This also protects against the development of dandruff.

5.     Eggs – Another healthy food rich in iron, the iron in eggs help carry oxygen to the hair follicles, with too little iron playing a role in hair loss.

6.     Greek Yoghurt is high in many vitamins you’ll see on the ingredients list in hair bottle labels,  Greek Yoghurt in particular is high with the hair friendly protein (vitamin B5)

7.     Blueberries – Hailed as one of the vitamin C super foods, blueberries are hard to beat for their richness in vitamin C which is essential for good circulation to all areas of the body – including the scalp. A lack of vitamin C on the other hand can be responsible for breakage and split ends.

8.     Green Vegetables that are eaten raw including cabbage, watercress and alfalfa sprouts are known to boost keratin (a protein) production in your hair which helps to strengthen hair follicles. Beetroots and asparagus are also good for aiding the production of keratin.

Of course, there’s more to healthy hair than what you eat, but if you take a holistic approach, including good hair care, limiting exposure to the elements and regular visits to your hairdresser, you can restore tired, dull and faded hair and promote new growth and strong healthy looking hair.

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