Frequently asked questions to a hairdressing salon Part 1

Here at COEV Hairdressers in Brisbane we always provide advice to our customers and frequently answer questions our customer might have related to their hair and how to maintain it. For this reason we are going to share with you today some of the frequently asked questions we get from our customers. Our hairdressing salon is always happy to help customers achieve the perfect hair they’ve allows dreamed of.

Continue on reading as we share with you some valuable hair tips.

Why does my hair loses body after I straighten it?

Shampooing frequently usually strips your hair of important natural oils and protein causing it to lose body.To avoid this from happing, use a volumising lotion and blow-dry your hair with a nozzle attachment.

Another trick you can use is ironing your hair after shampooing as the steam will add moisture to your hair.

My hair tangles too easily. What can I do?

When you are conditioning your hair make sure you use a wide-toothed brush to brush your hair before you rinse out. When your hair is ready to be styled, use serum and gel to increase your hair’s manageability. This should prevent your hair from tangling.

Why is my hair so greasy?

You might be massaging your scalp too much when shampooing and this increases the production of natural oils. Make sure you gently add shampoo to your scalp and don’t massage it. When conditioning only apply conditioner to the mid and end of the hair, not the roots.

Also be careful with what you eat. Oily and fatty food can cause greasy skin and hair.

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