GHD Hair Straighteners – Why are they so good?

A quick search of product review websites and the results look good for GHD Hair Straighteners. People rave about the fact that it’s the best straightener they’ve ever used, how glossy their hair is after using it, and how many of the other brands just don’t even compare to using a GHD (stands for Good Hair Day FYI)

Many people may be wondering what all the fuss is about, and what makes people rave about their straighteners in an almost cult-like manner. As one of the premier hairdressers in Brisbane who have seen it all when it comes to good and bad and hair straighteners, we share the reasons why your hair loves GHD below.

Tackle All Hair Types

Even the most wiry, unruly hair can be tamed with a GHD hair straightener. In fact many people with difficult hair found that a GHD was the only straightener that seemed to work for their hair type. Styling in less strokes is possible with the new eclipse GHD straightener.

Fast Heat up Time

the GHD gold series straightener heats up (and stays) at the optimum styling temperature of 185 degrees in seconds. It also turns itself off after a certain time if you forget to.

Rounded Edges and Barrel

The rounded edges in the design of the ceramic heating plates, allows curls and styles that are not possible with some other straighteners and without leaving dents in the hair.

Long lasting

The quality is undoubtable when using a GHD hair straightener. Not only does using one result in long lasting straightened hair until the next wash, owners of GHD products get several years out of their product. Sure the price tag isn’t cheap, but at least you know you get a product that comes with a warranty and will last the distance, with the cost nominal when you consider how much use you get out of it.

There are a lot of hair straighteners on the market but the GHD is widely considered the ‘crème de la crème’ and the gold standard which all other brands are compared to. Sure, there are some other competitive brands, but for a straightener that’s almost unanimous in its appeal, we will always recommend choosing a GHD. Just make sure it’s the real deal not a knock off imitation which can sometimes be quite convincing. The price and the place you buy it from can be a big indicator of its authenticity.

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