What makes a good hairdresser?


There’s no shortage of hairdressers in Brisbane, but as many would agree, finding a good one is not always an easy task. When you find a good hairdressing salon, you’ll want to stick with them since using a good hairdresser is like using many other professional services. You want to go with someone you know and who understands your specific needs. A good relationship with a good hairdresser will ensure that they’ll give you a good cut and style time and time again, and since we believe it ‘takes one to know one,’ in today’s post the team of stylists here at West End’s COEV Hairdressers share the qualities that make a good hairdresser which like a good doctor, you’ll want to hang onto.

Attention to detail and a passion for hair

Like many jobs, a good hairdresser should always have an eye for detail and want each of their clients to look their very best. This means that a good stylist is able to interpret the needs of the client, but also give suggestions that the person in the chair may not have considered, including options that would work well for their face shape, hair and lifestyle. A good hairdresser will not be working as a hairdresser just because they need a job, but because they have a passion for hairstyling and the artistry that comes with it.

Vibrant personality and can put their customers at ease

Sitting in the salon’s ‘hot-seat’ can be intimidating for many people, so a good hairdresser should have the social skills to put their clients at ease and be able to help their clients relax by engaging them in conversation, while not being pushy and picking up on any social cues from their clients. To provide good service as well as a good haircut, hairdressers need to be confident, outgoing and able to easily relate to people. Good hairdressers should also be good listeners and be genuinely interested in what their clients have to say.

Industry focused and embrace new developments

As you would expect, good hairdressers have all the experience and have practiced with a wide range of different styles and hair types. They should be confident using all the different tools and equipment to do their job and even specialise in a certain type of style. Those serious in the world of hairdressing will stay up to date with new styles and be able to adapt them in the context of their own workplaces. A good hairdressing salon will also have access to the quality tools and equipment and use some of the best quality products on their clients.

While professional cutting and styling skills are part of the core of any good hairdresser, there are many other qualities that make a hairdresser stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for a hairdressing salon in Brisbane that stands apart from the many others, go with COEV Hairdressers, West End’s awarded hairdressing specialists. To book an appointment call us today on (07) 3844 4766