Great cuts for long hair

Long hair

Long hair is great for girls on the go

Long locks that look great when they are dried naturally are a blessing not all of us received! If you are a wash and wear kind of girl lucky enough to have this gift bestowed upon you then a long style is perfect. Spare a thought for the rest of us who have to spend time wrestling our hair with straighteners and hairdryers. A regular hair cut is all you need to keep your hair hassle free, and there are great hair salons in Brisbane to provide you with the best option.

Long hair works for over 40’s

It seems to be a given that as women get older their hair seems to get shorter. This is due to the myth that short hair makes us look younger. This is really not the case. With a great style and the right colour, longer hair can actually be much more flattering than a short style. Talk to a professional to get the best advice about length, style and colour. If you would like to chat to COEV Hairdressers in Brisbane give us a call on 07 38444 766.

Longer hair flatters bigger bones

If you have a particularly round face or a very strong jawline, then long hair is your friend. It can soften the line of the jaw and elongate your face. If you are really tall, or just bigger boned (e.g. Brooke Shields) then long hair can provide you with some balance to your proportions. A professional cut to flatter the face is the key to a great look with long hair.

Long hair is a smashing option for thick curls

Curly hair is not a curse, especially not when it is long. As your hair gets longer, the weight of it increases and the ‘puff problem’ is eliminated, giving your thick curly hair a perfect look. Growing out curly hair can be a wee bit painstaking but it is so worth it in the end. The key is to maintain a great cut as it grows and COEV Hairdressers will be able to help.

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