Great Hair – Great Gatsby Style!

Recreate Hairstyles from the Roaring Twenties


It’s taken audiences by storm and topped the box office. Now lads and ladies are looking to recreate a touch of style from the roaring twenties in their hairstyles. It’s nice to also see men in the hairdressers chair who are more confident to request a certain style and look. COEV Hairdressers explain how you can borrow the looks of the film characters from Jay Gatsby himself for guys, and Daisy Buchanan for the dolls, er… we mean ladies.

Jay Gatsby styling tips for guys

•    Leave the hair damp and apply a quality all day styling spray that allows you to restyle throughout the day. American Crew Alternator works well.

•    Comb over a side part to the left so the wave is in line with the left ear and bridge of the eyebrow.

•    Dry the hair carefully if still wet or damp using a hand towel paying particular attention to blotting the hair rather than using a streaking motion. Make sure you leave some height in the front so the hair resembles a wave

•    Use a foaming crème once the hair is dry and re-comb into place and Presto, you’re a Leo lookalike!


Daisy Buchanan styling tips for ladies

To create those classy finger waves that all the rage in the 20s and have made a comeback thanks to the celebs this year, here’s what to do:

•    Divide hair into three sections one on each side in front of the ear and the section at the back of the hair

•    Starting from the bottom work each side one inch of hair at a time, hold hair horizontally and slowly work your way up.

•    Use a three prong curling iron to start from the roots to the ends

•    Finish by adding a quick spritz of hairspray to the ends to hold the natural wave in place.

•    Finalise the hair with a fine tooth comb and get ready to step out with classic chic styling!

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