Hair Trends For 2019

Hair Trends For 2019

What better way to say goodbye to the old year than getting a new haircut? Whether you opt for a dramatic or subtle change in 2019, choosing a brand new look is a great way to feel confident and excited, and ready to tackle the new year.

To help you out, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite 2019 hair trends we’ve been admiring on the catwalk and in salon.

Hair Trend #1: Elegant Pink Or Lilac Locks

Looking for a mature, refined version of neon pink hair? For your next hair colour obsession, try smoky pink or lilac locks.

This look – a soft, versatile pink with a chic, sophisticated undertone – is both vintage and modern at once. Pairing your smoky pink or lilac locks with a cool grey root is a great way to make this style suitable for all skin tones.

Hair Trend #2: A Love Affair With 90’s Accessories

Claw clips, snap clips, scrunchies… On the fashion runways, 90s style hair accessories are coming back with a vengeance, and we expect to see a surge of Instagrammers and people on the street embracing this fun, retro trend.

Hair Trend #3: Blunt Cuts

All across the world, cuts with a blunter, sharper finish are making a huge comeback.

There are many ways to embrace this style. For example, for an effortlessly chic result, consider choosing a precise, one-length blunt bob.

Simply ask your stylist for a straight bob in line with your jawline, shorter at the back, longer at the front, a centimetre or two below your ears. This modern, streamlined bob can be elevated through styling.

Alternatively, try a clean, straight-lined cut with ultra-fine hidden layers underneath so that the hair falls perfectly even. Done correctly, this style can do wonders for your bone structure.

Hair Trend #4: Multi-Coloured Tips

On the streets and on Instagram, we’ve been admiring this fun twist on the ombré trend: a natural hair colour (blonde, brunette or red) blending into a bright, refreshing colour like chocolate plum, blue, mermaid green or pink.

Hair Trend #5: Pintura Highlights

Have you heard of pintura? It’s a colouring technique designed specifically for curly, textured hair.

If you’ve got curly hair and want to add dimension to accentuate your hair’s natural beauty, ask your colourist to hand-paint your curls without foils using the pintura technique. The technique brings light to the face, while taking into account the tightness and shape of your curls.

Hair Trend #6: Ash Grey Hair

If you’re looking to change it up in 2019, consider choosing a softer version of the full-on black look: ash grey. To make this super chic style happen, ask your colourist to keep the darkest shades concentrated along your roots, with a gradual movement toward a light, silver grey at the ends.

Hair Trend #7: Slick and Serious Styling

After the more carefree styles of last year, 2019 will see the rise of a more sleek, slicked back aesthetic. Think hair oil for a wet look and smooth, ultra-straight styling, brushed back behind the ears.

Hair Trend #8: Wild Natural Curls

Do you have naturally curly hair? If so, we have excellent news. 2019 is a great time to lay down that hair straightener and embrace your curls. The trending style is specifically a carefree style featuring a tighter curl to the roots and a shaggy cut, with deeply nourished ringlets.

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