Hairdressers Tips for Healthy Looking Hair

You’ve just visited the salon and your hair looks great. So how can you make this salon-fresh feeling last so that your hair always looks as great as it did when you stepped out of the hairdressers Brisbane? The key lies in the way you look after your hair every day. Follow these tips from COEV Hair and you will soon get into a good hair care routine, leaving you with luscious locks week in week out.

1.    Condition your hair regularly to protect it from daily wear and tear. It is important to moisturise the ends of your hair to keep them from splitting, but if you do find that this is becoming a problem, it might be time to pay a quick visit to your hairdressers Brisbane so they can give your ends a trim.

2.    Avoid overusing hair straighteners as these can damage your hair and cause it to dry out. If you feel that it is necessary to straighten your hair every day use a quality brand such as GHD in conjunction with a heat protector, or maybe you should consider having your hair straightened permanently to avoid the hassle of styling your hair daily. At Coev Hair we can offer this treatment in the comfort of our contemporary studio, which will certainly save you time getting ready in the morning.

3.    Try not to use home colouring products on your hair, as these can damage your hair due to the strong chemicals which they contain. If you fancy a change of colour to give yourself a whole new look, then why not visit us at COEV Hair, where we can offer you a professional colouring service to create the style you are looking for?

4.    Always get professional advice on hair styling products, so you can be advised which products will be good for your style. The correct products will not weigh your hair down. COEV carry an extensive range of KMS, Redken, Moroccanoil Oil, and Everescents which is a top of the range, organic collection of products.

If your hair looks fabulous when you leave the hairdressers Brisbane, then you will be more inclined to take care of it to keep it looking healthy. Start today by booking an appointment at COEV Hair where we can give you the style you’ve always dreamed of.