Hairdressing salons frequently ask questions Part 2

Sharing useful hairdressing advice to customers is something we enjoy doing. We had previously shared with you the answers of some frequently asked questions we hear at the COEV Hair Salon in Brisbane. In today’s blog entry we would like to share with you a few more questions to help you treat your hear and improve its overall health.

Please continue on reading as we provide answers to a few questions we regularly get from our lovely customers.

My hair keeps falling! Is there something I can do?

Most people lose from 100 to 200 strands a day, so if you are losing around that number don’t worry.

However if you are losing more hair than the usual there a few factors that could be causing it such as stress, or poor diet. Avoid eating too much sugar and fatty foods to reduce the amount of hair loss caused by a poor diet.

There are also some hair products that can help you with that, just ask you hair stylist!

How can I fix my dry hair?

To fix coarse, brittle and dry hair you need to nurtured it from within. Use a professional moisturising shampoo which will help you clean your hair without requiring you to rub it. Once you are done shampooing use a moisturizing treatment. The reason why it needs to be hot is because heat allows the hair cuticles to open up and absorb moisture properly.

What can I do to fix split ends?

Unfortunately if you have split ends the damage has been done. You need to cut them in order to protect the rest of your hair.

To prevent split ends from happening keep your hair flexible and moisturised by using leaving-on conditioners.

Also limit the amount of straightening and blow drying as it can damage your hair if you do it regularly. Unless you are using a hair protector such as KMS Hot Flex Spray.