Hairstyles to suit Round Face Shapes

As hairdressers, here at COEV Hairdressers, it’s essential that we understand how the face shape of our customers plays a role in a stylish and flattering cut. Not only should a cut complement a face shape, it should also frame the face and accentuate your best features.

With so many different face shapes, (round, square, oval, and diamond to name a few) our stylists can suggest a suitable hairstyle to suit your face shape. You don’t need to worry about just one style fitting your face shape – there are actually quite a few! For those with round face shapes we share some flattering short, mid length and long length haircuts for you to consider below.


Aren’t all faces round?

A round face like the name suggests is one that’s particularly circular shaped. But don’t be fooled – round faces do not mean fat faces – it just means that the width of the face is approximate to the face length and unlike other face shapes, the dimensions are equally distributed. The wrong haircut can mean the wrong balance and the face appearing wider, and rounder face shapes can easily be complemented with the right cut.

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long hairstyles look fantastic for rounder faces since the length can lengthen the face. A couple of important rules for long hairstyles here is that the layers should be below the chin. If possible avoid styles that add body at the cheekbones which add bulk and can make the face appear wider.

Gentle waves can help to defect some of the roundness of the face, and can look even better if they are accommodated with a centre parting. A sideswept bang can help create desirable angles around a round face. Avoid overdoing curls or an afro style which will frame the face and accentuate the round appearance.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Round Faces

Medium length haircuts can be more challenging for round faces since the bulk of the hair length falls around the cheeks or chin which is the widest part of a round face. However there are still options. Avoid over layering or adding too much volume for medium length cuts which will widen the face. A long deconstructed bob with shoulder length shag with flicked ends will look great since it’s balancing the curves of the face and providing structure.

Be careful with fringes since they can cut the face length in half and ultimately make the face look shorter and wider. A tapered centre or off centre part can will give more focus to the face and while still providing a different angle for a medium length cut.

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short cuts can be some of the complementary for rounder faces since they allow extra height to be added from the crown which will elongate the face. Keep sides short, but don’t overclip as it can look masculine. It’s important that different layers, length and texture are added for a short while avoiding styles where the hair flattens against the side of the head. Think actress Ginnifer Goodwin for a great example of a short hairstyle for a rounder face.

We hope this has helped give you some options and inspiration for cuts to suit rounder faces. At COEV Hairdressers Brisbane we can accommodate all face shapes with the right cut to accentuate your best features!

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