How to get the haircut you want

Most of us have experienced a bad haircut first hand, or at least heard stories of horror haircuts. The reason for a bad haircut is often placed fully on the hairdresser, and while this can be a legitimate reason for an unflattering cut, often the reasons can be more complex.

COEV Hairdressers share some advice how to get the best haircut that you want! We know better than anyone that in the hairdressing world there can sometime be a mismatch between what the client has visualised and the finished result. Let this list be your guide to getting the hairstyle you want…

1.     Be Specific in Communication

Most of the problems aren’t due to the lack of skill or ability on the part of the hairdresser but due to the communication between the hairdresser and client. Be as specific as possible instead of vague. Instead of saying ‘nice and short’ explain how short by quantifying it.

For example say ‘about three inches off’ and physically show your stylist what you mean by that by using hand gestures.

2.     Use Pictures

Bringing along a few examples of styles that you like, or even better a picture of yourself after a haircut that you liked can help the stylist get an even clearer understanding of what you are looking for. Be aware that due to different face shapes and hair types it’s not always going to be possible to replicate a cut like the celebrities so be flexible and have a few examples of styles that you like. Your stylist will then be able to advise what will work best for your individual situation.

3.     Explain what you DON’T want

When it comes to getting a good cut, it’s also important to communicate what you don’t like. If you’ve had bad cuts in the past this should be easy to explain to the stylist. What about your previous cut’s didn’t you like? Too much fringe left, did it grow unevenly? If you want to go blonde, but dislike the yellow gold blonde hue, make sure you communicate this.

4.     Listen to your stylist

If your stylist is suggesting that the cut you are asking for might not be suitable it’s often worth listening to them. They work with hair every day and understand what cuts, colours and styles work with different face shapes and skin types.

5.     Don’t be afraid to speak up

As your hair is being cut, you should feel at ease and able to express any dislikes or disappointment without feeling like you are being difficult or hurting their feelings. They’ve all been through similar situations and it is our job as hairdressers to make you as happy with the finished result as possible. If you’re happy, then so are we! If you feel like you can’t speak openly and honestly with your current hair stylist, then it’s probably time to choose another!

We hope this list has helped you next time you sit in the hairdresser’s chair. To book an appointment with the best hairdressers in Brisbane,  call COEV Hairdressers today on (07) 3844 4766