How to Prevent and Treat Sun Damaged Hair

It’s no secret that as the weather warms in Brisbane people spend a lot more time outdoors directly exposed to the elements. This means that hair is often more vulnerable to the effects of direct sunlight, wind and moisture than it is at other times of year. Like many things the best treatment is prevention, and here at COEV Hairdressers we often work first-hand with the effects of sun damaged hair. In today’s blog post we’d like to share our expertise by outlining common methods to treat sun damaged hair and give some strategies that still allow you to enjoy summer and the outdoors without the damaged hair.  

Preventing Sun Damage to Hair

Like our skin, the less sun exposure our hair gets the better. By the time you notice straw-like split ends, unwanted breakage, a dried out scalp and faded colour the damage has already been done. Defence is the best prevention from the sun and that wide-brimmed hat that’s always suggested for skin protection also works wonders protecting the hair as well.  Here’s what else:
• Changing from traditional to sun defence hair care products over the summer period helps to fortify hair from exposure to the elements. Look for products with built in UV protection help to strengthen the hair and avoid any products containing alcohol or peroxide as these can dry out and further damage hair.
• Rinse hair before and after swimming to prevent salt and chlorine from being absorbed into the hair which can further dry and damage hair.
• Consider shampooing less often to avoid stripping hair of natural oils. Finish washing your hair by rinsing in cool water to seal the hair and promote natural shimmer.

Treating Sun Damaged Hair

If the elements and harsh sunlight has already taken hold of your tresses these following methods can help to revitalise and bring life back into tired strands.

• Applying a moisturising hair mask which helps to nourish and adds moisture to dry hair. This can be done at our salon or can be performed DIY with an appropriate conditioning solution containing moisture replenishing vitamin E.
• If the sun has faded your hair’s colour, asking one of our stylists to apply a gloss or glaze to the hair helps to bring shine to hair and neutralise the orange brassiness colour that summer brings to the hair.
• Keep hair trimmed regularly to promote new growth and remove sun damaged split ends which can lead to frizziness. Regular trims also assist in maintaining the overall health of your hair.

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