How To Take Care Of Bleached And Dyed Hair

We’ve all been there: you walk out of the salon after a particularly harsh treatment, and something doesn’t feel right. Your hair is dry, and you can’t seem to get it under control. What do you do? Having an effective care routine in place for your bleached or dyed hair is essential. Bleaches and hair dyes can really attack your hair. And sure, it’s worth it for the end result. But to keep that end result where you want it, you’ll need to follow these tips.

Start with the basics: Good shampoo and conditioners are the best treatment for bleached hair

As with most problems, the issue of dry and damaged hear is solved most easily by a simple solution: shampoo and conditioner. A good, reliable, and time-tested combination will ensure that your hair bounces back with shine after every treatment. Finding that combination of shampoo and conditioner is easier than you might think, too. Of course, there is some trial and error involved. However, with a few tips, you can narrow down your choices, and shorten your search. First of all, chat with your stylist. He or she knows your hair best and will point you in the right direction. Secondly, avoid harsh additives such as sulphates. Sulphates can attack your hair in much the same way as bleach. That means a sulphate-heavy shampoo won’t exactly aid in your hair’s rejuvenation.

Hydration is the key to making bleached hair soft and silky – that’s where coconut oil is useful

Bleached hair can easily feel dry – especially coming into winter. So how can you keep it soft and silky? Hydration is key! Heavy colouring treatments can strip moisture from your hair to a considerable degree. Your priority, after the treatment, is to get that moisture back. But it’s easier said than done; moisture is a balance, and it’s easy to go too far in either direction. We’ve always found coconut oil to be a nice balanced hair moisturiser. It returns those natural oils to your hair, which helps it to restore.

Lose some length! Help your hair rejuvenate by adding a trim to your hair care routine

We all know that our ends are most susceptible to damage. Luckily, they’re the easiest to treat: simply chop them off! Frequent trims are the best way to keep your ends looking great. Cutting off damaged ends will ensure that they don’t split, and potentially cause damage to the entire length of your hair. Keep your coloured hair cut to perfection, and you will really see the best of it.

Pay attention to process: Don’t overlap harsh bleach or colouring treatments

The bleaching or dying process is best left in the hands of a pro. It’s easy to overlap harsh peroxides, bleaches, and dyes, which can cause a range of issues. Firstly, misapplication can lead to uneven colouring. And that’s the best case scenario. In the most serious circumstances, overlapping applications can strip away at your hair, leaving it thin and dry. Our advice: get a professional treatment – it’s well worth it!

Finally, keep your bleached and dyed hair healthy with specialist reviews from your stylist!

Speaking of professional treatments, the best way to care for your bleached or dyed hair is with a frequent review. Getting your stylist to take a look at your tips every month or so will keep your hair happy, healthy, and full of life! Frequent reviews will also pick up on any changes. That means you’ll be able to alter your hair care routine as necessary, to keep everything in perfect condition.