Interesting facts about hairdressers across the world

Here at COEV Hairdressers Brisbane we pride ourselves for providing high quality services since you arrive until you leave. We love greeting customers with a warm beverage and listening to their needs before deciding on the hair style they need. However what we think is appropriate might not be the case somewhere else in the world. We find hairdressing customs across the world fascinating and would like to share with you some interesting facts about hairdressers across the world.


-Some hairdressing Salons in Moscow have security guards on the doors as they are for wealthy clients.
-Most hairdressing salons also offer manicures, pedicures and cosmetology.
-You can find salons which open 24 hours a day; the normal working hours are 9am to 10pm.


-It is a common practice for hairdressing salons in Spain to have uniforms, usually black.
-Big salons open for 12 hours a day, while smaller one only for 8. There is usually a lunch break of 2-3 hours and most salons are closed on Sunday.
-Most women in Spain have coarse, wavy hair, for this reason perms are not very popular but straightening is!
-It is normal for girls as young as 13 to frequently visit a salon for straightening and colouring services.


-When purchasing hair products at salon, clients will check the product isn’t fake and the expiry date before buying it.
-Some salons provide different services depending on the brand of the product. If you ask for Wella Professional products instead of Schwarzkopf Professional the price will be different. Unlike many countries they don’t charge by their training and skill level but by the brand customers choose.
-Salons usually open for 12+ hours; from 10-11am to 10-11pm.

Next time we will share with you other practices hairdressers across the world have. Here at COEV Hair Cutters we strive to provide the best service for our customers across Brisbane!