Michael Evans: Brisbane’s Leading Hair Colourist

Great hair can put a spring in our step and boost your confidence to Kim-Kardashain’s-ego sized proportions. That’s why choosing the best hair colourist in Brisbane is so important; risking your tresses to anyone less is just not an option!

Why an expert colourist is important!

Michael Evans of COEV Hair is proof that not all colourists are created equal. Multi-award winning and with over 30 years experience he is widely considered to be the leading hair colourist and best hairdresser in Brisbane. In seeking out his vast expertise you’ll be assured of the perfect shade you dreamed of whether it be ‘Blair Lively blonde’ or ‘Kelly Osbourne lilac’ – amazing hair colour is truly a craft best left to the experts.

What makes an expert colourist?

In salons of the highest quality hairdressers are required to seek specialisation. Some become expert stylists and some expert colourists. The reason for this specialisation is incredibly important; hair colouring is literally both science and fashion combined!

Being abreast of the latest trends, products and techniques requires ongoing study and training; hence only with true specialisation and years of experience can someone be declared an expert colourist.

An expert colourist can guide you through what’s in fashion, what will suit you and what will enhance your facial features and skin tone. Importantly an expert colourist can ensure consistency in your finished result every single time.

Help me! When good colour goes bad

Sometimes the best of us fall prey to bad hairdressing. Unfortunately in a hair salon without dedicated colour specialists’ disasters can (and do!) occur and this can be truly devastating.

The good news however is even if you have found yourself with a disastrous hair colour the experts can come to your rescue. Michael Evans, Brisbane’s leading hair colourist, is not just a master of colour – he’s an expert in colour restoration.

Of course, prevention is better than cure even when it comes to hair. Choose a leading Brisbane colour expert every time and you’ll never find yourself in this horrible position!

Trust an expert – enjoy the results

Coev Hair is proud to offer world-class colour services. As Brisbane’s leading hair colourist Michael Evans is available by appointment .