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Beautiful products for beautiful hair

There are many hair products to choose from, but there is no reason your bathroom cupboards need to be filled with bottles and containers of gunk that do not work. Hair products can be expensive if you keep buying new ones every week, in the hope that you will stumble across a miracle cure. If you are on the search for that perfect shampoo, conditioner, or hairspray, the best place to start is actually your hairdressers.

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GHD Hair Straighteners – Why are they so good?

A quick search of product review websites and the results look good for GHD Hair Straighteners. People rave about the fact that it’s the best straightener they’ve ever used, how glossy their hair is after using it, and how many of the other brands just don’t even compare to using a GHD (stands for Good Hair Day FYI)

Many people may be wondering what all the fuss is about, and what makes people rave about their straighteners in an almost cult-like manner. As one of the premier hairdressers in Brisbane who have seen it all when it comes to good and bad and hair straighteners, we share the reasons why your hair loves GHD below. Continue reading