Questions to ask your hairdresser

When you visit your hairdresser, get to know them, and allow them to get to know you. When you develop a good relationship with your hairdresser they will be more valuable to you, and they can support you in keeping your hair looking at its absolute best.

Many people love to have a chat with their hairdresser, but try talking about something other than celebrities and the weather! Start talking to your hairdresser about your hair, and the ways that you can make the most of what you have.

What hairstyle is best suited to my face shape?

Your hairdresser should be skilled in knowing which hairstyles suit which people. Although you may have seen an image in a magazine that you like, it might not suit you because of your face shape, or because of your hair type. Talk to your hairdresser and ask their opinion about the style that they think will suit you best. This is especially important if you are ready for a complete new look. You will want to know that the change will make you look fantastic.

Are you offering any new services that I can try?

Hairdressers are constantly receiving training and industry education on new products, services and hair styles. Technology changes rapidly in the beauty industry, so there may be new ideas that you have not known about before. Hairdressers may even specialise in a certain area of hair care. Ask them what they are interested in the most, and what they are passionate about. You may become inspired to try something new, that you did not realise was available to you.

Which products are best for my hair?

Many hairdressing clients are worried that their hairdresser is just trying to push products on to them to make money, but this is not true. When you visit a hairdresser, you are paying for their advice on how to care for your hair and have it look its best, and this includes the best products that you can use for it. Products can include shampoos and conditioners that are more superior to the supermarket brands, but also waxes, sprays and gels.

How long should I wait until coming back for a trim or restyle?

Depending on your hair style, you will need to come back at a later date, either for a simple trim or a restyle. If you want your hairstyle to last a long time, talk to your hairdresser about this at the beginning of your consultation. They may suggest a different style that will keep suiting you as it grows out. Regular haircare is important though, so develop a schedule to visit your hairdresser that you both agree on, and keep it consistent in your calendar.