Reasons why curly hair is a blessing not a curse

shutterstock_163442711You might not consider your bouncy locks to be a blessing, but natural curls are something to behold. All hair styles have their own advantages and disadvantages and instead of dwelling on the cons of curls, it’s important to remember that naturally wavy hair comes with many blessings.

Our mantra at Coev Hairdressers is to love your locks no matter what hair style or type that you have been given. If you’re on the wavy end of the hair spectrum, our hair stylistsshare some good reasons to not to be surly for being naturally curly!

Less Brushing

Curly Hair will stay curly with or without brushing. Forget the chore and futile attempts to tame your mane. It’s still going to be curly. Despite what you might hear about the pitfalls of frizz and moisture for curls, the hair type can actually be low maintenance. With curly hair you can wake up, shower and go. Grey hairs are also better hidden with curly hair, and fine hair will naturally look thicker.

It’s Fun and Unpredictable – No two days are the same

There are people you would kill for your hair type. Remember that. You might long for straight tresses, but remember there are others who covet naturally wavy hair. You don’t have to spend hours straightening it to make it beautiful – it already is. There are so many people with naturally straight hair that covet curls and a more interesting hair type.

You Have Instant Texture in your hair

Forget about your hair being flattened to your face, curls and waves give your hair instant texture. Plus it can give you extra height and makes you look taller and more fabulous. There are people with non-curly hair every day that are paying money to create the same texture and curls that yours looks like naturally.


You can straighten it if you like, then turn around and wear it big and twisted out. You can pull a long braid or a French roll. Worn parted down the middle it looks great with headwear, scarves and other accessories. Instead of having to having your hair cut to change the look you can change the way it’s styled so it always looks different. With curls come options.

Embrace or Reject the Stereotypes

The curly haired are sometimes viewed as rebellious, humorous, outrageous and fun-loving. The curly amongst us might also be seen as bohemian or alternative types. There is not necessarily any truth or falseness to any of these. If they describe you, embrace it, if they don’t reject it. Make the curls your own and remember: love your locks.

One final rule:

Naturally curly hair needs the work of good hairdressers who are experienced in cutting and styling natural waves. Not all have extensive experience here and curls need capable hands. Come in and see the COEV Hairdressers West End team today at 69 Boundary Street West End, or call us on (07) 3844 4766