Do you want to switch up your style this summer?

lady with mult-coloured hairOne of the many features that set COEV Hairdressers apart from other hair salons in Brisbane is our dedication to providing you with the perfect stylist. We will match the look you want to achieve with a stylist who has the skillset to match your needs. If you want a dress, you don’t go to a shoe shop, if you want a car, you don’t see a motorcycle dealer, do you?  If you want a new hair colour, it makes sense that you go to a hair colour specialist.

Do you want to switch it up this summer?

Summer is here in Brisbane, and the weather is really heating up.  Do you want to keep your long locks, but feel like you need a change? How about a new bright and bold hair colour? Boldly coloured hair is making a move from alternative to mainstream; possibly thanks to the likes of superstars Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Nicky Minaj. These ladies are known as much for their vibrant hair colours and styles as they are for their music.

If you are going bold, go professional

Changing your hair to a bold colour really is a job for a professional. Not only will we ensure that your hair comes out the way you want it to, but we will also take care of your hair during the process.  One of the biggest problems of do-it-yourself hair colourings is the damage that can be done to your hair. By choosing one of our stylists you are making sure that your colour lasts and so does your hair.

Great reasons to change your hair colour

Sometimes a change is as good as holiday isn’t it? A new hair colour can bring new life to your face, and a new shimmer of health to your hair. Nothing looks better than fresh, well taken care of hair. A new hair colour is a great alternative to losing length in search of change.

We are a friendly, experienced team, we specialise in hair design and current fashion. If you are looking for a change, come in and see us. We are one of the best hairdressers in Brisbane, located in the heart of West End, so come and see us today!