West End Styles – Sassy, Edgy Hairstyle Adventures

Want a place where your edge and sass can shine? West End Style is about the anti-trend. It’s about a cut, colour and style that makes you feel West End. West End is about living on the urban edge; let us find you an urban fringe to match. COEV Hairdressers West End is all about edgy style that’s outside the box – for everyday styles, event styling or to make a big impression.

What is the West End Look?

Underground? On the edge? Vintage and pre-loved? What you find on the West End pavements, in its markets and boutiques – at its bars and in its cafes in the early, early hours, that’s what makes the West End look. You’re the living breathing West End attitude. So are we.

Trend is overrated, be your own style compass

Fashion trends where 14 year old starving models wear the same old same old, created by 12 year old starving child labourer… West End has no trend. Wear it your way. Say you’re a force to be reckoned with, a non-conformist, the anti-drone, but still rock it in a meeting. Wear the locks of starlets past with a little twist of you. Create a style, that is your own signature West End Style.

How to get your West End Look

Choose different. Go off kilter. Legs akimbo or knock need. From your rubber souled feet, to the roots of your hair… There’s nothing worse than the same. Everything the same. Mainstream same. You’re the stand out, living, breathing, singing and skipping part of the West End urban landscape, don’t just fade into it. What better place to find a hairstyle that reflects West End than a hairdresser found right in West End.

Here at COEV Hairdressers, we know that sass. We walk these streets too.

Our award-winning stylist Michael Evans is ready to interpret your new look and let your inner West End child run wild. Edgy, sassy, the female force of West End – rock the look. Book an appointment now.