Winter Hair Care Survival Guide

Cold weather and low humidity can affect your hair, especially during the winter months when we see clients at our hairdressing salon with locks that have been affected by the change in season. As well as losing shine and lustre, colder weather can also leave the scalp dry and itchy with people who a have naturally dry hair type most affected. But fear not, our hairdressers at COEV Hairdressers share few simple things that you can do as part of your hair care routine which will protect and restore damaged locks this winter.

1. Choose a moisturising shampoos and conditioner. This will help bring a healthy shine to your hair and help to nourish hair that is dried out. Look for the word ‘replenish’ on the label as a general guide.

2. Avoid shampoos with detergents and do not over shampoo you hair as this can deplete natural oils in your hair. Shampoo every second day, making sure to use a good scalp massaging technique that reaches the base of the hair strands.

3. As tempting as it can be during winter also avoid scalding hot water coming into contact with your hair and scalp as this can leave hair brittle.

4. If you hair is dry and frizz prone, use a deep conditioning product with natural oils like jojoba or coconut oils or a penetrating Shea butter. Ask us about our products we have in the salon to treat dry, frizzy hair.

5. Avoid using hair dryers during the winter months, since blow drying brittle hair only intensifies the problem.

6. If your hair is frizzy and static prone, keep your hair tied up more during winter especially when outdoors and when exercising.

7. If you’re using heat or curling irons, remember to use a heat defence spray or a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair looking glossy and hydrated.

8. Keep your hair regularly trimmed to cut away any spilt ends, and to promote healthy new growth.
This winter, keep your hair looking its best with the help of COEV Hairdressers. To book an appointment with one of Brisbane’s best and most awarded hair salons contact us here, or call us on (07) 3844 4766